Saturday, March 17, 2012

An Addict In Our Son’s Bedroom: Parents and Recovery

While reading some of my other parents blog sites this morning I came across Dad & Mom's post that seems very important for me to keep in mind with my son in early recovery!! Thank you Ron!! I am re-posting here I hope you don't mind. I particularly love the "Believe" point.

An Addict In Our Son’s Bedroom: Parents and Recovery:

Here is the bullet points for us parents to keep in mind.

  • Recovery is hard. Sometimes they need a hand, make sure your hand is out for them to grasp when needed. But, don’t hold on too long.
  • Addicts dig deep holes for themselves. Contrary to what you may think filling the hole is faster when only one person has a shovel. If you help to shovel it will take longer to fill the hole.
  • Forgiveness is for me. The sooner I understand the faster I heal.
  • “Believe” or “doubt”. I choose believe. Have you ever had someone tell you that they believe in you?
  • Normal is right. “Fragile, Handle with Care” is not stamped in big red letters on a child in recovery. To stop using means they want a normal life again.
  • I love you. That is a reassurance we ALL need.
  • Nagging, suspicious looks and reminders of past mistakes really irritate me. Addicts in recovery probably don’t need them either.
  • His recovery is his to manage. I know that for the last seven years he hasn’t been able to manage ANYTHING. But, we all have to learn and begin someplace.


  1. Re-post all you want. I am so glad you found it helpful.

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