Thursday, March 15, 2012

Excited! However...

Things seem to be going well with my son in his program...really well. He seems to be grateful to be there, he is following all the rules and truly beginning his recovery. YYYYEEAAAHHH!!!

Phone privileges are very limited..he can only call long distance twice a week which means he has called his girlfriend. I get that! As long as someone is hearing from him that means he is there. He gets visitors this weekend and told his girlfriend he knows we want to come and hope we will bring her. So we are planning a visit. Myself, Dad, sister & his girlfriend.

I have dreamed of visiting my son in rehab for years...I am so excited! The hopelessness I have felt over the last couple years has begun to be replaced with real hope for my sons recovery. Is this really happening!?!

However, I am being careful in all my new-found hope not to set myself up for disappointment and devastation. I know he has a long road ahead. I know we all do. I know this is his journey. I also know that it is also the journey of the family as addiction has engulfed us all in it's evil ways and addiction really is a family disease. Now we enter a new phase of learning this is his recovery and to let him learn how to do this on his own as well. We also have new things to learn.

Today I am going to feel the joy of a son in recovery instead of addicted and homeless on the street.


  1. Mom, enjoy the hope. Hope doesn't have to set you up for disappointment and devastation.

    Boundless hope with reality is the way. It is OK to believe in our children. That belief allows us to live in the day we get. It's also OK to tell them you believe in them. We all need that feeling when you know someone believes the best in you and is not expecting the worst in you.

  2. I was going to say what Ron said, but he said it just right so I'm glad he beat me to it.

    I know the exact feelings you are having, I have had them in the past and guess what - I am having them right now!

    I have HOPE for your son and mine. I think its okay for us to feel this way because we're both well aware of what could happen. But lets enjoy this wonderful moment as if it will last this time because it darn well may!!!! :)

  3. its not easy for us either - just by the way

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