Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Words of wisdom

This in some weird way just gives me the OK to be who I am at any given moment in time when battling my fears surrounding my sons addiction. I have done it all and now it has become just simply - I do what I can live with each day. Today - that is not much. I got this off of another parents blog.

Do what you are comfortable with. Spend all your money trying to help or spend none of your money. Take their calls or don’t take their calls. Pay for their apartment or give them your home. (or leave them homeless) Disown them or clutch them tight. All your pain is about you….your fear of (just) wanting them to be healthy and happy and sane. Since none of this is within your power to give them, then do what makes you able to sleep at night, do what makes life bearable for you. Your addict/alcoholic is doing what makes life bearable for them……aren’t we all?” 


  1. I read this, too, on another blog, and it made me feel a lot better about my state of mind, choices, etc. and easier to not get all wrapped up in those who need to tell me the "right" way to do this with my addict son.

  2. I remember that wonderful post too! No judgement.

    I hope and pray there are brighter days ahead soon for you and your son.