Monday, February 6, 2012

No idea what went wrong..

My son called me at 2pm from a borrowed phone and said he was getting on the train to head out our way in 20 minutes. He had been in the midst of another crisis - fallen asleep on a bus, woke up and his bag with all his stuff was gone. His phone was dead and his charger and wallet was in his bag. He didn't want to make a bad day worse by not coming out. He asked if the girlfriend could come too that her parents would bring her over and I said sure. He said he would borrow a phone when he arrived at the station so I could come and pay the train fare at the gate.

Backtracking, my daughter had also invited to her house for Superbowl as her in-laws were coming also. But once I told her I had invited her brother over she did not want to include him in the invitation. So we decided we would stay home so I could spend the afternoon with my son, and they would have their own gathering.

I calculated the time it would have took my son to arrive and decided to head to the station to wait for him. Big mistake #1. I waited until 5pm as one train after another arrived from the city and he was never on any of them. He should have been there by 3:30. I kept thinking he would be on the next one as them came in 20 minute increments.

Big mistake #2 - I should have went to my daughters house to enjoy the game and gathering. Now the game is over half done, and instead of enjoying a nice day I have wasted it in sitting at a train station feeling disappointment after disappointment when each train arrived and he never appeared.

I have no idea what happened to him. More then likely he is just so incapable of putting one foot in front of the other. He also has a knack for getting arrested - a lot - these days. Perhaps he got picked up on his way. He never called and I am just left wondering.


  1. At a loss for words. Just know that there are so many of us out here know exactly what you are feeling today.

  2. Oh man, so sorry that you had to go through this. : (. You & I both did the addiction shuffle on Super Bowl Sunday. Not the dance we ever wanted to do. Again, I'm sorry. Hope you e heard from him by now. Isn't your experience so typical ? At least it is from what I've gone through. : (. Hang in there

  3. Hi, found you via Lou's blog.

    I can relate to what you said so well. Sometimes we do things that we have learned in the past aren't the best thing to do (waiting at a train, or in my case a whole laundry list of stuff) and then we get another reminder to learn once again.

    I hope your so is okay. Hope you are having a better day.

  4. I'm painful. I once did a similar thing, waiting and waiting. There are no words for how much it hurts.