Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hope without insanity

I'm not sure it's possible for me but I'm going to give it my best shot!

The long term (6 months) residential rehab bed came through!
(Thank you God and all my readers for your prayers).

His date is Monday..4 days to go.

He is going to come out Sunday to hang with us, BBQ and visit before he goes in. I invited his clean and sober girlfriend over to visit as well. She is doing great, at home with her parents, going to meetings and hoping my son finds his way while not being with him.

I am wrestling with keeping him Sunday night and driving him there Monday morning..I may need to do it to keep myself sane. I feel a renewed hope but don't want to make myself crazy EXPECTING him to actually do this. Praying it is really time. Praying he is really ready. Trying not to get caught on that roller coaster of hope and tragic disappointment.

His past record for detoxes and his one attempt at this same rehab is only 4 short days. I am hopeful he makes it this time.


  1. Why not wait till Sunday, and then decide if you can let him stay the night. Don't let yourself worry about what hasn't happened. We both know, Sunday is a looong way off in the world of addiction.

    If he makes it to your house for dinner, that will be a very good sign.

    Prayers and hugs for you.

  2. Lou always makes good sense.

    I know that feeling of having hope but trying not to have too many expectations. Enjoy having him home and take one day at a time when he gets to rehab. I've got my fingers crossed and am saying prayers for him!

  3. Thanks Lou and Barbara..yes Lou makes amazing sense. It is what I have see how it goes today and decide. Of course I have cleared my "plan" with hubby and cleared my work schedule for tomorrow morning because it is what I am really wanting to happen - I want to take him to the program and drop him off so I know he made it through the front door.